Edgartown scallop season begins October 1


Edgartown selectmen approved dates and rule changes for the upcoming scalloping season. The recreational scallop season will begin October 1, shellfish constable Paul Bagnall told selectmen Monday.

Recreational scallopers may take one 10-gallon washbasket per week, and dragging will not be allowed in Cape Pogue Pond until after November 1.

Mr. Bagnall said he hopes the harvest will top 2,000 bushels this winter. That would represent a steep decline from the 8,000 bushels harvested last winter.

“There’s not a lot of seed out there,” Mr. Bagnall told selectmen. “We took that into account this year and started spawning scallops on Chappy and dumped some fertilized eggs into Cape Pogue to try and pick up the pace.”

The commercial shellfishing season opens Monday, November 4, with a daily limit of three level 10-gallon washbaskets, including shells, Mr. Bagnall said. Commercial fishing will be allowed Mondays through Fridays from 7 am to 4 pm.

The scallop season is expected to end on March 31, or sooner depending on conditions.