Husband Dave declared the other day that my favorite season has just begun. I thought, well, I do love a good gourd, but favorite? What could he mean? Said Dave, it’s October! There are multiple sporting events on every night! Hockey and football and pennant races, oh my! He may have been slightly facetious, but I have to say, I did get caught up in the America’s Cup excitement last week. Watching those huge catamarans fly around on those tiny foils, it was as if the hovercrafts we were promised in the eighties had finally come to be. And there’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned come back — down by seven races and rallying for the win. It was the 2004 Red Sox all over again. I got chills.

Anyway, from the macro to the micro, let’s talk Edgartown. While Team Oracle USA was leaving the start last Tuesday, Bruce Farland had initiated his own race against the clock — getting the dishes done before Karen got home from work. Strategy and tricky diversions were employed, but Bruce came out the victor. Bruce 1, dishes 0.

We had a nice early fall meeting of the minds on the Harbor View porch last Sunday, and boy was the weather perfect for it. We toasted the season with Bill Jacob, Cheri Mason, Sydney Mullen, Stacy Ickes, Chari Polley, and Katie Doll — a few of our friends who work and play so hard during the summer that we hardly get a chance to connect. We are all very sorry to have blown Bill’s plans of kayaking, yard work, world domination, etc, but those are the sacrifices one must make for a quiet afternoon with friends.

The Edgartown School will once again have the opportunity to earn cash through the A+ School Rewards Stop & Shop promotion from October 6 to March 29. All you have to do to participate is go online to stopandshop.com/aplus or call 877-275-2758 and register your Stop & Shop card number, then each time you use your card at the grocery store, the elementary school kids get the old cha-ching. The code for the Edgartown School is 06789.

Bob Avakian will be showing his photography once again at the Daniel Fisher House on 
Monday, Oct 7. The show will be up October 7–16 and 21–31. Bob captures landscapes at night and at dawn, seeking to catch “a moment suspended between night and day.” Through a partnership with the Preservation Trust, Bob will exhibit his photographs in the beautiful setting of the historic Daniel Fisher House. Learn more about Bob’s work at www.bobavakianphotography.com.

Here at the library, we’ll celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of legendary composer Giuseppe Verdi with a special movie screening at 7 pm on Wednesday, October 9. The award-winning 2012 film marks the directorial debut of Dustin Hoffman and is set in a nursing home for retired musicians where an opera is being staged. Maggie Smith, Tom Courtney, and Bill Connelly are among the stars. This program is free, and refreshments will be served. (And yes, we do know that the actual anniversary of Verdi’s birth is October 10.)

Martha’s Vineyard Community Services will be holding their annual Fall Electronics Disposal Day Saturday, October 12, from 9 am to 2 pm at the MVCS campus. Bring your old and tired personal or business air conditioners, cell phones, computers, copiers, dehumidifiers, fax machines, microwaves, monitors, laptops, printers, ranges, refrigerators, scanners, stereo equipment, televisions, washers and dryers, etc. Visit mvcommunityservices.com/events/electronics-disposal-day for details.

Happy birthday to my oldest friend (historically, not age-wise — natch), Andrea Dello Russo, who celebrates on October 5. Hope you get the biggest corner piece of cake with all the frosting flowers.