A fascinating Islander herself, Susan Klein to lead Friday’s Living Local panel

Panel moderator Susan Klein. — Photo courtesy of Susan Klein

The 10th annual Living Local Harvest Festival begins on Friday, Oct. 4, with a panel discussion featuring “Fascinating Islanders.” A fascinating Islander herself, storyteller Susan Klein will moderate the discussion featuring David Tilton, Rosalie Powell, Anna Edey, and Gus Ben David. Ms. Klein answered some of our questions about the event.

MVT: Tell us about the panel discussion you’re moderating.

SK: It’s an evening… [where people will] speak about the way the Vineyard used to be and to hear from people that actually lived it. It’s a sweet evening, really and truly ’cause there’s four very different folks. What they have in common is the Vineyard. Rosalie Powell will be speaking about the 30s. David Tilton will be speaking about the 40s and 50s. Anna Edey will be speaking about the 70s, and Gussie Ben David will probably span time. It’s about all aspects of Island life that hook into how we sustain ourselves.

MVT: Have you detected that there’s a new emphasis on sustainability on the island?

SK: Sustainability — that word wasn’t even used back when. It’s like recycling, those things weren’t born yet as catch words when everybody was recycling and sustaining. We just called it using stuff over. But then everything became very convenient and kind of tossable. They weren’t kidding when they called it the “throwaway society.” You know, we’re paying the piper now.

MVT: What are some questions you’re thinking of asking? Can you give us a preview?

SK: I don’t ask them questions.

MVT: You don’t?

SK: I interview the panelists beforehand. I go and sit with them for a couple of hours and talk and get an idea about what’s the strongest content that they could offer with relationship to everybody else. Everybody knows what sequence we’re going in and I set that up specifically so we can dovetail from one topic to another. The audience is fabulous. The audience is just so warm and welcoming. History has become very import to us. More and more we realize that we have things to learn.

Living Local Harvest Festival Panel Discussion with Fascinating Islanders, Friday, Oct. 4, 6:30–9 pm, Grange Hall, West Tisbury. livinglocalmv.org.