Praising the bus drivers


To the Editor:

In recognition of outstanding daily service toward both residents and visitors, I too am grateful for those who annually and seasonally carry to and fro man, woman, child, bird, cat, dog, box, suitcase, bicycle, etc., most often referred to as “the driver.”

These shepherds operate, steer, and unite mostly unnoticed, in my opinion, and without exception hundreds of thousands at times weary-eyed passengers.

They are humbly devoted to serve, at best, long lines, vexation, annoyances and appreciations.

In the fantastic summer of 2013, Islanders, wash-ashores, and tourists were greeted by anonymous drivers and transported to known and unknown destinations. Many of these representatives in residence, soft-pedaled and purple shirted beings, opened doors to the delight of all.

These doors we shared, open to windows of opportunity, a period spent away, especially during the season, from one’s usual activity.

Forward we all march because they wheeled us, carried us, and supported the matter of Martha’s Vineyard. Thanks. “Is this Oaks Bluff?” Yes, say I. And it’s another season well appreciated, because of “the driver.”

Christopher Bonner

Oak Bluffs