Thanks to two who helped


To the Editor:

Following on my letter last week [Looking for a hit and run driver, October 24] about the hit and run in front of Briarwood Drive, the other driver has not been caught yet. Still looking for the tan/gold small car with heavy passenger front end damage and heavy scratching along the passenger side.

I thank Melissa Pelletier who was behind the car that hit me. She saw the entire hit and saw he was taking off. She tried to catch up to him to get plate number, but he was going at a higher speed.

The second person I thank is Tad Medeiros of ABC Disposal, who pulled over about four minutes before rescue. I was still in shock, and when he opened my door I remember grabbing his hooded sweatshirt. He told me rescue was on its way. Tad stayed with me until the rescue came.

I thank you both with all my heart

Susan McCombe