Not the place for a dispensary


To the Editor:

As a mother, I am grateful to live a community where I feel as though our children are a priority. That is why I was so surprised to hear that the planning board of Oak Bluffs made the decision to include Dukes County Avenue as a medical marijuana district.

How can that be possible? Veira Park is so close. The Oak Bluffs School is so close. This is an area that is widely used by children of all ages.

Why would the people think that such a visible commercial property, in close proximity to places where children congregate, learn, and play, would be an ideal spot for a medical marijuana district?

I understand and agree with the need for medical marijuana dispensaries, but I don’t think Dukes County Avenue is the right location.

If you feel that this is as important as I do, please turn out for the planning board meeting, on Thursday, November 7, at 7 pm in the lower level of Town Hall in Oak Bluffs.

Help keep Oak Bluffs family friendly

Guinevere Cramer

Oak Bluffs