I don’t know about you, but at this time of year, which is chockablock full of holidays and such, I must do a little planning ahead. The calendar is beginning to fill. A few of the notations on my calendar may be of interest to you.

First of all, grades two through five will head off tomorrow for a day long adventure at America’s premier living history museum. Although William Bradford’s journal Of Plymouth Plantation (the story of the Pilgrims from 1608-1647) may be a tad too complex for their young souls to appreciate, a wander back in time at Plimoth Plantation is right up their alley. Jackie, Jennifer, and Gretchen’s students will take in the 17th century English village, the Wampanoag homesite, the Mayflower II, and more. I hope they go with lots of questions and return with plenty of answers.

This Saturday, November 16, is the fourth winter Farmer’s Market at the Agricultural Hall from 10 am to 1 pm. According to Linda Alley, it’s time to order all your fixin’s for Thanksgiving dinner. You will find soups, turkeys, pies, baked goods, cranberry condiments and plenty of winter veggies. And, don’t forget, some of our favorites, Ethel and Ralph Sherman will be on hand with some of their goodies and, if you are lucky, a quick moment to chat between sales.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, do any of you have plans you’d like to share? Are you venturing off Island to Uncle Jim and Aunt Jane’s? Are you tending your fire and rising early to put a slow-roasting turkey in the oven? Will you wake the visiting family and friends with its warm, juicy aroma? Do tell.

The school children are preparing, along with phys ed teacher Channon Capra, for their annual Turkey Trot. Tuesday, November 26, they will lace up their running shoes, don their sweatbands and race down Middle Road from Beetlebung Corner to the end of Keith Field and back. Parents, friends, neighbors, and alums are welcome to join or cheer. Alums are welcome for the trot but need to be chaperoned by a parent or designated guardian. If your kiddo is a Chilmark School graduate and wants to continue on with the tradition please call Susan Stevens at the school for the low down, 508-645-2562.

Miss Emily Boyd, the five-year-old offspring of Mary and Jonathan, ventured to New England Sports Academy with her team from Island Gymnastics Training where she participated in a fun meet. Emily competed in bars, vault, floor, and beam. Although she was the youngest competitor there, she made a rock-solid showing, taking home all third and fourth place ribbons. Nice going, Emily. Next time I see you we shall exchange high-fives.

The offseason Library Cafe is open again. Coffee, tea, cocoa, and cookies are available in the meeting room during regular library hours. Cozy up with a cup to warm your insides. Nestle in with a good read to broaden your mind. Chat with a friend or two as you watch the seasons changing through the window. Do it all at the Library.

It might seem a bit early, but the Firefighter’s Association is preparing for Santa’s visit to our children next month. Santa has asked for an updated list of the children in town from newborn through fifth grade. So, if you’ve added a wee one to your mix or if you are new to town (since last December) please email me with your kids’ info. To the rest of you moms and pops, if you have any questions regarding the upcoming visit from the big guy in red, don’t hesitate to shoot me off an email. Wednesday, December 18, is the big night.

Oh, and since we’re on the topic of relaying information, email is the ideal method to get in touch with me. After multiple issues with our home phone going in and out of service with no apparent rhyme or reason we have jumped into the 21st century and gone completely cellular. Email me That’s my chosen method of communique. But, if you are Bill Edison or would like to be Bill Edison-like, a hand-written note on yellow lined paper in a sealed white envelope would be a joy to receive.

I’d like to wish my fellow columnist, Molly Purves, a very happy birthday week. May all the wishes you made when you blew out your candles come true.