Thanks to everybody


To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who kept us in their thoughts and prayers during this trying time.

The super typhoon Haiyan cost a lot of lives, wiping out a big population. But despite of this devastation, the people who survived displayed a courage to live. Just try to imagine a mother who was looking for her missing children, the mental torture of them buried alive. To sleep on the dark streets along with their dead relatives.

Due to logistics dilemma, the relief was delayed, leaving them hungry and thirsty for several days. Soaked in their own clothes, cold and shivering all night, not knowing if they can still survive one more day.

We are fortunate for those countries who sent their people to help, raised funds in helping rebuild the communities, heal the sick, and help relieve hunger.

I speak for the countless people who perished and for their survivors, thank you very much for sending your heart and letting us know that someone cared.

Please let us continue to support American Red Cross, USAID, UNICEF and other fundraising agencies who devoted a mission in alleviating world suffering.

The USS George Washington was one of the first international group that arrived along with 5,000 troops. This American effort helped the recovery of the affected areas. We are forever grateful for your aid, compassion, care and assistance.

Filipino people will never forget. God bless America.

Cris Tactaquin

Vineyard Haven