Making a difference for the Y


To the Editor:

In the spirit of being thankful for what we have and having the opportunity to give back to our community that sustains us here on the Vineyard, I wanted to share our appreciation for the YMCA of MV, as they are in the midst of their annual campaign.

There are some great organizations on the Island that make our lives better. Depending on your interests, you will find programs across the Island providing activities and services that meet your needs as well as fuel your goals and dreams. Most, if not all, of these will benefit from an additional contribution from us to help them continue, and improve upon, their mission.

For our family, the Y provides a valuable place that helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a supportive community spanning all ages. We are in our third year living full-time on the Island, and I find it hard to imagine what life was like before the Y was built, especially in the offseason.

As good health, youth development, and community interaction are among the top priorities for our family, the Y has become an essential part of our well-being with all they provide in these areas. We have participated in many of the activities and resources that the Y offers, including swim lessons, the gym and a wide variety of fitness classes, child-care, after-school programs including field trips, weekly Woodside senior program, summer camp, birthday parties, venues at the teen center, and the café. We don’t take these for granted and understand there is a cost and benefit to building a stronger Island community.

As we are being thankful, we have an opportunity to give back and further help our community to thrive on our Island. The YMCA’s campaign makes it clear how our donation will have a direct and measurable impact, and we can really see that we are making a difference.

Frederica Carpenter