The interest in health insurance is there


To the Editor:

The initiation on October 1 of the sign-up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act was a disaster reminiscent of the maiden voyage of the Titanic. Only those of us old enough to remember the Edsel can recall a product rolled out with such fanfare to such devastating reviews.

The Republicans are wallowing ecstatically in Schadenfreude. They hope the Democrats never succeed in repairing their atrociously botched computer programming. From their perspective, the fewer people who choose to enroll in ACA insurance plans the better.

But will resentment and exasperation at Democratic ineptitude cause a huge number of voters to switch support to the Republicans in the next Presidential election?

After all, the people wrestling in frustration with the ACA malfunctioning software actually do want health insurance.

And in 2016, the Democrats will still be the only political party which has any interest in helping them get it.

Robert E.L. Knight

West Tisbury