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It is still torture

To the Editor: The Senate recently released a report critical of the Central Intelligence Agency, reporting in stomach-turning detail on the tortures visited by the...

Obama has gone too far

To the Editor: President Obama's decision to issue work permits and Social Security cards to several million people who are here illegally raises a couple...

Amnesty for Miranda?

To the Editor: As was evident from a previous letter of mine to The Times, I am among that minority of Americans — a substantial...

Will tolerance erode?

To the Editor: Those who sympathize with illegal immigrants commonly argue that these illegals are hard-working men and women who take jobs that Americans are...

Reduce their ‘unwelcome presence’

To the Editor: At the recent Conservative Political Action Conference, former vice-presidential aspirant Paul Ryan presented the inspirational story of a young boy from a...

The interest in health insurance is there

To the Editor: The initiation on October 1 of the sign-up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act was a disaster reminiscent of the maiden...

Republicans haven’t thought it through

To the Editor: As this nation's neverending political battle over abortion rights drags on, and on, I see that in my home state of Texas...

Political polarization on every issue

Those who followed the recently concluded trial of George Zimmerman for the killing of Trayvon Martin were presented with strikingly different portrayals of the case.

Benghazi is about Hillary

On September 11, 2012, four Americans were killed in Benghazi.

Safety is a gun at hand – or is it?

The National Rifle Association calls on every American to have a gun in the house – preferably several guns – in order to defend home and family against intruders.

Thinking voters needed

The Brown-Warren contest brings to mind the well known comment attributed to Adlai Stevenson in the 1952 [presidential] campaign.

Yearns for better candidates

Since I prefer the Democratic Party, I have never voted for a Republican in the 16 presidential elections since I turned 21.

Which shoe, which foot?

In December 2000, five Republican appointees to the Supreme Court, with George W.

Chief Justice chose to be a hero

When Chief Justice John Roberts was considering which side to join in the health care decision he certainly recognized that he confronted a choice.

Jack and Rick

There is an ironic aspect to the current political scene upon which I have not seen comment by the usual pundits.

Health care choices down the road

The current discussion of Medicare reminds me of the American officer who explained that it was necessary to destroy a Vietnam town in order to save it from the VietCong.