We need more info and stats about Lyme disease


To the Editor:

About the article on Lyme associated with heart disease (Dec. 24, “CDC says Lyme associated with three sudden heart deaths“), I was glad to read this article on Lyme. This subject on Martha’s Vineyard needs to be discussed and looked into more. Our son was diagnosed with Lyme in September 2013, was admitted to ICU for a few days and put on Lyme meds. He had six major side effects from lyme, one being congestive heart failure. At that time, he was told they did not think the heart problem was due to Lyme. We spoke to a nurse, who disagreed.

At the same time, three friends were also diagnosed with Lyme. Someone needs to make the public aware of exactly how widespread Lyme is on the Island and all the symptoms that go along with Lyme. Not just muscle ache and fatigue. I would be interested in seeing figures from the Martha’s Vineyard medical community on how many cases there were on the Vineyard in the last few years. Along with that, what were the different side effects, and how were they treated?

Thank you for your very informative article.

June Pine

Cape Coral, Florida