Poets’ Corner: The Fisherwoman


For Janet Messineo on our birthday.

I can tell time in the dead of night

without a watch

4:00 A.M. sharp Janet starts her car

rods strapped to the roof

waders and gear on the seat

snack bag

tackle box


It’s Derby time!

Janet’s in her glory

heart pounding

mind racing

“goin’ for the Big One”

she dreams of reeling in

at her secret place

no one will ever know of

There on the island shore

in the moonlight

at the water’s edge

she digs her boot heels in the sand

casts her line to the sea

and waits…

In the morning she returns

with a big cooler of fish

“Catch the Big One?” I shout

over my clothesline

Janet laughs.

“Not tonight!” she says,

“just a great dinnah!”

Ruth Major, an oil painter and writer, is working on a collection of poems called “Islander.”