Cape Light Compact will make energy incentive payment to West Tisbury Library

The West Tisbury library expansion is on track, town leaders said. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

The West Tisbury Library renovation project got a financial shot in the arm this week. Cape Light Compact  (CLC) told library officials that the project qualifies for a $58,000 incentive from the electric power aggregator’s advanced building incentive program.

The library project budget had pegged the amount at a conservative $20,000. Library project manager Richard Marks told West Tisbury selectmen, at their meeting Wednesday, that the amount had grown. The library qualified for the payment by using a high energy efficiency HVAC system, controls and lighting systems in the $6 million dollar project.  He said he did not know when the check would arrive. The library is scheduled to open on March 22. The amount exceeds recent cost overruns totaling $40,000.

The town’s capital improvements committee plans to include a request for the $40,000 overrun in an article on the warrant for the town meeting April 8.

Mr. Marks said that the rebate check may not arrive in time to pay the final bills for the project when they are due. He suggested leaving the article on the meeting agenda. He said if the CLC money arrives before the meeting the request could be withdrawn. The three selectmen did not object to the idea.

In other business, selectmen voted unanimously to pay snow removal expenses that have exceeded the $40,000 budgeted cost for the year. Town treasurer Bruce Stone told The Times that the the bill for snow removal may exceed $90,000 and that this type of additional expense is traditionally added to the next year’s budget.

Chairman Richard Knabel of the selectmen read a letter from town counsel Ronald Rappaport notifying the town that no legal fees were incurred by the town during the month of January. Pleased, Mr. Knabel said he could not remember the last time that had happened. He said the significance of the event was underscored by the receipt of a letter announcing it.

Selectmen voted unanimously to accept a state offer to replace the old fish ladder on the Mill Pond dam with a new ladder, if the project is approved by the town’s conservation commission. Town shellfish constable John Hoy said he would volunteer to help install the new ladder, if needed. The ladder is designed to assist both anadromous and catadromous fish to traverse the dam during their migrations.

Highway superintendent Richard Olsen said that he would like to see the town appropriate $10,000 to begin renovation work on the Old Courthouse Road building that is used as a public works garage. Selectmen Jeffrey “Skipper” Manter and Cynthia Mitchell agreed with Mr. Knabel when he suggested the project undergo a feasibility study by the capital improvement committee before money is committed.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported the West Tisbury snow removal budget is $55,000 and additional expenses are $37,000. The budget figure is $40,000 and additional snow removal expenses are $50,000. In addition, a high energy efficiency HVAC system was incorrectly described as energy saving lights and fixtures.