Yes, folks, everything is fine at the Slater home. Many of us spotted the ambulance on Basin Road the other day and wondered what and who it was for. Jane filled me in and Herb’s medical emergency landed him in the hospital overnight, but he is home and a-okay. He missed one night of visiting with Jane and Conrad Neumann, who were visiting from North Carolina. However, he did manage a full long weekend with two grandsons and their folks. Sarah, Aaron, Scott and Jack Bennett ventured south for the blizzard weekend. I bumped into half of the group at the grocery store stocking up.

Speaking of blizzard, I am thankful for the glorious day it revealed. So many of you have shared your photos of snow-covered branches, pristine fields covered in fluffy white blankets and winter wonderland walks. I haven’t heard too much complaining. Perhaps the beauty has overshadowed the work involved with digging out? Thanks to all of the folks who plow tirelessly — Keith Emin, Tim Carroll, Zack Coutinho, Hutch Kerwin, and many more. And a big thanks to Marshall who plowed our driveway right down to dirt — so impressed.

A quick shout-out to Janet, Tom, Pete, and Andrew Ruimerman; Sorry for your yardly loss. Yes, I realize “yardly” isn’t actually a word but it seems fitting. One of their big trees with swooping branches that once stood majestically in front of The Homestead on DH’s Hill succumbed to the weight of winter snow and blustery wind. Its siblings still stand tall, but it will be reclaimed by the earth.

Pathways Second Annual Connecting Creations: A Multi-Arts Performance Evening and Visual Arts Installation will take place Saturday, February 22, 7–9 pm. According to founder Marianne Goldberg, “Pathways second multi-arts installation of the season, Connecting Creations, celebrates connections to inspirational artists in our lives through a sharing of visual arts, writing, performing arts, and music. If you attend, you will see and hear works by Christina and Carlos Montoya, Shannon Rynd-Ray and Enos Ray, Natasha, Paige and Claudia Taylor, Erich and Sabrina Luening, Dean and Karin Rosenthal, Wendy Weldon and James Langlois, Gene, Jacquie, Jonathan, Chris, Justin and Gretchen Baer, Tobias and Nathan Shepard, Cyn and Kevin McGrath, and others, with the community invited to participate. The Gallery is open through March 11, 11 am to 4 pm, daily except Wednesdays.

This past week at Pathways, high school senior Thorpe Karabees played back-up music  on his cello for Claudia Taylor’s performance.

February 25 will be the last soup supper of this wintery season at the Chilmark Church.  As always, all are welcome for a hot meal, warm company and good conversation, starting at  5:30 pm. After a week’s break, pizza nights will resume on March 11. Start time is 6 pm for this fun, family-friendly, weekly get-together. If you have time, consider tossing together a salad to share or a batch of cookies. No, it’s not necessary by any means, but every once in a while something added to the table is a treat.

Congratulations to Chilmark School fifth grade students Fynn Monahan and Menasha Leport. Fynn will represent Chilmark at the All-Island Spelling Bee and Menasha will be the back-up. Friday, March 14, at 9 am at the MVRHS PAC representatives from  all the schools will gather for the Island-wide spell-off. How many rounds do you think it will take?

Did you get the chance to take in one of the performances of the high school’s version of the musical CATS? If you didn’t, wow, what a loss for you. Aquinnah junior Josh Boucher’s portrayal of Rum Tum Tugger was spot on. Chilmark School grad and high school senior Mikayla Tinus gave a fabulous version of Jellylorum. Senior Thorpe Karabees stood out on cello in his final high school musical performance. Senior Bradley Carroll spent countless hours in front of our sewing machine working on costumes and, at the last minute, ended up on stage for a quick dance solo. With some adult guidance, the students really were the ones to make the show. They dazzled and captivated the audience with their work, both on stage and behind the scenes. Consider this your big bouquet of flowers, high schoolers! I am one proud mom.