Quilters respond: Always honest


To the Editor:

The quilters who are part of  the Quilt Fund for Fuel Assistance want everyone  to know that nothing improper has ever been done with the money we have collected from all the thousands of people who have bought quilt tickets over the past 16 years or so.

We are so grateful that we have been able to help keep people warm. We thank all the ticket purchasers. We have taken our quilts to all the Street Fairs, the Ag Fair, etc. Now, in our 70s, 80s, and 90s, we can only do Tivoli Day.

And we thank all the people who have donated supplies — thread, fabric, needles, and all kinds of items. We hardly ever have to buy anything, so all the money goes to fuel assistance companies — Packer, Vineyard Propane, etc.

If the town officials had just come to me and asked, I am the only one who has ever written checks on the Quilt Fund account. (In 2008, when I went to Seattle to visit my daughter for four months, a volunteer at the senior center signed on temporarily with the bank and wrote some checks then. Believe me, she also did nothing wrong.)

When the police came, I printed out our bank statement from my computer, clearly showing that we are 100 percent honest and legitimate.

Roger Wey has been so good to us, letting us use the Council on Aging for our quilting efforts. We may now switch to meeting in each other’s homes. Roger is truly honest, caring, and concerned about clients who may be cold, or have medical problems, etc. It is grossly unfair for him to be treated this way.

Glenna Barkan and the Oak Bluffs Quilters
Oak Bluffs