Shh…it’s quiet around town. It’s school vacation week. It seems like nearly everyone has ventured somewhere. Many opted for warmth and a quick dose of Vitamin D. Others chose to take advantage of the snow and take to the slopes.

Whether it’s Mexico, Jamaica, Ecuador, Belize, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Florida, California, Hawaii or some other lush environment, I hope to hear stories of warmth and sunshine. Perhaps your adventures to Utah, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Colorado will provide you with some tales of black diamonds, snow boards, skis and more.

Will, Katie, Emma, Tory (Shanok) and Bill Dolan had a week of fun in the sun. Turks and Caicos was the location that drew them away from their Hingham home and to this glorious paradise vacation destination. Parasailing was one of the highlights for Tory. I hope her family was super proud of her since, like me, she is not fond of heights. Emma will be back at the Texaco this summer — which is practically right around the corner, right? — so you will have to ask her about her trip. Snorkeling, pristine beaches, warm water, and so much more made for a great family trip.

Liz Willette spent last weekend on an island, too. The island of Martha’s Vineyard was her destination. She, along with beau Greg Maynes and their pooches, walked trails, enjoyed the high school production of CATS, touched base with friends and celebrated Greg’s birthday. Spending her winter in Providence is definitely a change of pace and scenery, but we are all hopeful it will be a stepping stone to where she ultimately wants to end up in life.

My mom, Diana Lees, popped down for a couple of nights to grab a dose of grandchildren. She’s pretty go-with-the flow, so was quite happy to tag along on errands or watch Brooks play his new Lego movie X-Box game. She quite willingly darned a hole in one of my favorite sweaters, too.

A bunch of birthdays are being celebrated around us. Happy, happy to Trevor Maciel, Julie Flanders, Caleb Slater, Dardy Slavin, Dennis Jason, Cathy Walthers, Patrick Ruel, and my dad, Frank Tamoshunas (he’s a leap year baby so if you were to ask him he doesn’t actually age this year.)

Then, birthdays abound in the month of March. We kick off the month with Herschel West celebrating 90 on March 1 along with Todd Christy who celebrates that same day but not with the big 9-0. Owen Maloney, Chris Jones, and Sean Egan all celebrate on the third. Is that right? Super good buds Chris and Sean have the same birthday? Hmm, wow. Polly McDowell rounds out the week. May candles light your way to a very happy day.

If you are around this week and Audrey Hepburn is one of your favorites to watch on the big screen, then the Library tomorrow night is the place for you. On February 28, the free Friday movie is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” I am pretty sure my dear daughter, Bradley, could recite the entire film — it is an all time favorite. Hepburn and George Peppard star in this 1961 romantic comedy about a beautiful yet vulnerable small-town girl who leaves the boonies to live the wild life in New York City hobnobbing among the city’s elite. There’s no reason to question why this one won five Academy Awards.