The town of Chilmark has refilled again after a much-needed February vacation. Things are essentially unchanged: the paperwork is still piled on the desk, the load of laundry still needs to be folded, the chicken coop needs a cleaning along with the fish tank and the hamster cage, yet all of this is just fine because an escape from reality is just what the doctor ordered for most of the inhabitants of this blustery New England town.

Do tell us of the wonders you have seen. The warm sandy beaches you have walked must hold some magical story story. The mountains you have been carried up in order to ski down must have an extraordinary moment to share. The roads you have driven surely called out and said, “Let’s see what’s around the next corner.” You have an audience here. We all want to hear your stories, see your pictures, live a moment in your shoes. I’m calling you out, folks: do tell your tales.

Molly, Eric, Noah, and Jakie Glasgow are back from a trip to Woodstock, Vermont. Hillary, John, Adelaide, Thea, Ella, and Lathrop Keene are back from an awesome week at Sugarloaf Mountain in Carrabassett Valley, Maine. Also back from Sugarloaf are Alicia, Peter, Olivia, and Adam Knight and Keith, Tegan, and Laila Fenner. Mariah and Jessica Campbell have returned from an amazing adventure in Belize led by their grandmother, Fran Flanders. Bret and Graham Stearns travelled to Wellington, Florida, to catch up with the other half of their family. Ava and mom, Sarah Doyle, have been there for an extended stay at the Winter Equestrian Festival where, as always, Ava is performing like a superstar. Liz, Kevin, Solon, Barrett, Delilah, and Hollis Oliver ventured to Bass Pro, Patriot Place and Sky Zone where they clearly packed in a whole bunch of fun. Jessica Benjamin, Pinto, Silas, and Axel Abrams have returned from their travels to Utah. Patricia Bacon, Jeffrey, Atlas, Sam and Fletcher Zack had a trip of a lifetime traveling to Ecuador. Rumor has it Stephen, Kerry, Ben and Imogen Taylor took in the sights in Puerto Rico. Jonathan, Kim and Kelly Klaren ventured to the Cayman Islands to meet up with Jonathan’s folks, Sandra and Thorny Klaren. My clan ventured to Clearwater Beach, Florida, for a quick few days to check out the University of Tampa, hit Busch Gardens and have a little family time.

There are big doings at the Library during the month of March. The Chilmark School Art Show will be on display throughout the month with the opening taking place on March 17, 2:45– 3:45. Thank you, Kristen Maloney, for the official invitation to all those who are interested.

Jenny Christy invites all interested parties to the Martha’s Vineyard Cultural Council’s

(almost) spring meeting. Breakfast treats will be served as you share/listen to input from the community. Sunday, March 9, from 9 am to 12 noon, at the Howes House is the time and place. Call Beth at 508-693-3366 with any questions you might have.

June Manning, our Aquinnah neighbor, local columnist, and prominent Island resident (we all know June), has been down with a nasty bout of sciatica. Let’s all send well wishes and healing thoughts her way. It must be bad, because nothing can keep that gal down.