Chilmark: Spring is the time of plans and projects


The face of our community has yet another wrinkle due to the passing of a favorite. Louis Larsen has left our shores for a place with fair winds, following seas and swordfish breaching in every direction. We all have stories to share about “Big Louie.” Take a few minutes to jot them down — he and your stories are now a piece of history. My heart goes out to the entire Larsen family.

“Spring is the time of plans and projects,” Leo Tolstoy wrote.

Well, technically speaking, spring has not sprung just yet, but we did have a little taste of what’s to come this past weekend. Folks out strolling the beaches. Neighbors burning brush in their backyards. Lambs being welcomed to the barn by both their sheep mommas and human friends. The whirr of chainsaws cleaning up winter blow-downs. The sound of a peacock screaming at his turkey friends. And, yes, the call a peacock makes is actually called a scream. I looked it up for confirmation. Oh, how can I forget? – the daylight that seems to continue on nearly forever or at least until bath time for small children on a Sunday night.

How could I almost forget to mention the ducklings at The Grey Barn? Like the farm on Facebook to see the ducklings along with the piglets grow. Do it quickly because they grow fast. Stop by the farm stand if you need pork products –pork belly, pork ribs,pork sausage, andground pork are all ready for purchase.

Nancy Aronie of Chilmark Writing Workshop will be offering “Writing from the Heart” in conjunction with ACE MV. It will run from March 17 through March 20, 9 am to 12 noon each day. Writing from the Heart “is a safe place to write in your own voice, your own rhythms, and your own story. It’s not about editing or publishing. It’s about the actual writing and honoring each individual’s process.” Contact Lynn Ditchfield, 774-310-1131 or, with questions.

Three cheers for Fynn Monahan who heads to the PAC tomorrow for the All-Island Spelling Bee. He will take the stage along with representatives from the other Island schools. Fynn’s 4/5 Chilmark School classmates will all bus down with him and sit in the audience to cheer him on and support him as he attempts to spell bigger and more complex words. How many rounds do you think the spellers will go? Big thanks to classmate Menasha Leport who will be waiting in the wings if Fynn, for some reason, cannot attend.

Just a reminder: The Chilmark School Art exhibit is hanging at the Library. The grand opening party will take place on Monday, March 17, 2:45–3:45 pm.   Please stop by the library before the end of the month to check out their work which is captivating, magnetic, excellent, marvelous, dazzling, delightful, divine, elegant, exquisite, fascinating and all of those other words that are spectacular ways to simply describe beautiful.

The14th annual Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival starts today. There has been a flurry of activity at the CCC trying to get it all ready for the weekend long event. Comfy couches line the first few rows in front of the screen. Prepare to nestle in among old friends and new for film, food, art and music. The festival schedule is online There are also newspaper style brochures floating around; I got a bunch from Molly Purves to share. In addition to great films for the adult set, there are a bunch of children’s events being held over the weekend. You and your family won’t need to leave the center of town to take in a show or participate in a kids’ filmmaking workshop. I’m sure if you are in the library this week, Ebba and her posse of book savvy partners would be happy to clue you in to what’s planned in their venue. Oh, and food, yummy, scrumdiddlyumptious dinner, desserts, coffees and more from some of our most favorite creators.

Happy birthday to Herb Slater who celebrates tomorrow. Also celebrating tomorrow is Sawyer Rothmann who is on the home stretch of his senior year at Avon Old Farms. He’s planning to man the pumps at the Texaco again this summer. Also celebrating this week are Nisa Counter, Owen Singer, and Emma Dolan. March 19 is the day Marshall and Patrick Jenkinson both turn 45. The hospital was busy on the day back in 1969, with two guys rolling into the world side by side. Lori Robinett, soon to be the Mrs. Johnny Graham,  celebrates that very same day.