Aquinnah: Pizza nights and ‘poison ivy’


So I learned something useful this past week after my son came down with a bad case of poison ivy (not unusual this time of year) around his mouth (that was unusual as I know he did not eat any poison ivy and that’s how it looked). It was bad enough for him to stay home from school and when he asked for a mango as a snack, a friend who happened to be over said to be careful of the rinds of mangoes because they contain the same chemical as poison ivy.

I looked it up and what do you know, “The sap of the tree [of poison ivy] and the rind of the mango fruit contain urushiol, the oil that causes the poison ivy rash. The pulp of the mango fruit does not contain urushiol.” And who had been eating mangoes right from the rind all weekend long as another friend had given us a box of them? My son. Hence the horrible poison ivy like rash all around his mouth. Lesson learned.

Wendy Weldon will have a show of new work at the Chilmark Library from May 3 to May 22. The show will contain acrylics on canvas and mounted monotypes. If you cannot make it to the show, check out her website at

At the Library this Saturday at 2 pm there will be a workshop for adults about container gardening. On Saturday, May 10, from 12 noon to 2 pm, there will be a kid’s craft, “Mugs for Mothers” in honor of Mother’s Day. Then at 2 pm there will be a traditional tea party with proper tea and scones. No fancy hat required but certainly don’t feel shy about donning your best hat if you do have one. Creativity is always encouraged at the library.

Pizza is on at the Orange Peel Bakery. Stop by on Saturdays from 12 noon to 3 pm (but NOT this Saturday, when Juli will be out of town bringing her daughter Ella home) for some delicious pizza and great company. Pizza night on Wednesdays will resume in mid-May.

The public is invited to a Candidate Forum on Wednesday, May 7, at 7 pm at the Old Town Hall in Aquinnah.  The evening is sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Martha’s Vineyard. The forum will offer an opportunity to hear statements from those running for office and to ask questions on topics of your interest. Be sure to attend and bring your friends. The only contested race is for a seat on the board of selectmen, which Beverly Wright and Juli Vanderhoop are vying for.

I just got word that the Aquinnah Shop is aiming to open tomorrow, May 2. Let’s hope everything goes according to plan. The Dreamcatcher on the cliffs will be opening for the summer season on Saturday, May 17 (weather permitting) and Dona Perry told me she and Gordon are looking forward to serving and seeing their local customers and friends. Faith Vanderhoop has not set an opening date for Faith’s Seafood Shack but will be open by Memorial Day at the latest.

Happy Birthday to Ella Mahoney who celebrates today and who will be coming home from her first year at school this weekend. I hope that the adjustment from the big city to the little town is not too much for her. Jim Wallen’s birthday is Friday and Alex Taylor’s is on May 6. Happy birthday to all!

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