Sorry for sofas


To the Editor:

Now that the sun has finally come out, we are in the Annual Springtime Adopt a Sofa Season once again. Sofas are appearing daily at their individual roadside stands. Perhaps it is due to our long winter, but they seem more abundant this year, and some have suffered quite a lot of winter damage as compared to other years. Maybe it is time we gave some thought to the welfare of these sofas.

I am pretty certain they are not happy, especially when it rains. There are many Islanders who feel deeply that the sofas would be much happier at the local landfill and many of these same Islanders feel they would be much happier, too, if sofas were not left to suffer on our roadsides. If you are not able to feel sorry for your sofa, could you at least consider your fellow Islanders?

Mary-Jean Miner