Oak Bluffs removes dredge spoils from Inkwell beach

On Tuesday, selectmen promised action. On Friday, crews got to work.

Work crews began removing dredge spoils from Inkwell beach Friday. — Ed Panek

Four days after Oak Bluffs selectmen promised that the much-maligned dredge spoils placed on Inkwell beach would be removed, the Oak Bluffs highway department, with assistance from Daniel Rogers excavation, began removing the sand on Friday, May 23.

On Monday, May 19, a small but vociferous group of Oak Bluffs residents staged a protest at the beach, demanding action by town officials. The protesters stopped the raking and dispersal of the material by Watercourse Construction of Vineyard Haven.

Highway department supervisor Richard Combra promised the protesters that the situation would be quickly remedied. At the meeting of the Oak Bluffs selectmen Tuesday night, town officials assured residents that the dredge spoils would be removed.

The dredge spoils from Lagoon Pond channel were put on the beach this winter to counteract erosion. At the time, town officials said it would bleach out by summer. However, as winter turned to spring, the material was still dark and clay-like, and warming temperatures were also bringing out a distinctly foul bouquet.