Timelapse video: the ebb and flow (and ebb again) of OB Harbor, Memorial Day Weekend

See the boats come in and go out again…with music by the Vineyard Haven Band.

Oak Bluffs harbor is a popular place in the summer. Harbor revenue is up this year. File photo by Dick Iacovello

Videographer Dick Iacovello set up his camera on the third story of the Wesley Hotel this past Memorial Day weekend, and the result is a fun timelapse of the Oak Bluffs harbor filling up with boats, then emptying again. You can also see the Memorial Day Road Race jog by.

To capture the action, Mr. Iacovello used a Brinno TLC 200, set to take one photo per minute from Friday, May 23 at noon, to Monday, May 26, at 6 pm. (We sped the video up to about 400 percent, and added music by the Vineyard Haven Band).

Mr. Iacovello has also done timelapse work of flowers growing, and the assembly of Seeker the Scow, which you can see on his Facebook page.