Oak Bluffs police locate missing teen

Oak Bluffs Police posted these images of Alyssa Whitney on their Facebook page. The teen had been missing since Monday, but has been found. — Courtesy Oak Bluffs Police

Updated 8 am, Friday

Oak Bluffs Police Lieutenant Tim Williamson told The Times that Boston Police located Alyssa Whitney, 15, in the Forest Hills section of Boston Thursday afternoon after Alyssa called her mom at home.

Lieutenant Williamson said police were beginning to ramp up their search for the teen, who had been missing for several days and was believed to be a runaway, when they received the good news that she was safe. Her relieved parents are on their way to Boston, he said.

Earlier this week police appealed to the public for help and posted a description on Facebook.

In a Facebook message posted late Thursday night, Darci J. Whitney, Alyssa’s sister, said, “She is now headed to Children’s Hospital where our parents will meet with her and the police. That is all we know as of now. We will keep the community as updated as possible because of all the love and support everyone has shown. Please remember, when you go to maybe think a negative thought or start a rumor, she is a 15 year old girl. We are all confused and upset at 15. She has a loving family and loving friends who have gone to every extent of our power to make her happy and keep her safe her entire life. We love her as anyone would love their child and sister. I send out my love to every single person in the entire community and beyond for any small part they have contributed.”