Spectacular experience at M.V. Hospital


To the Editor:

My family wanted to express sincere appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful care we recently received from the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital’s obstetric staff. I delivered my second baby in July, and like the first time, we had a spectacular experience.

I must first thank the OB/GYN office staff for their stellar care during my pregnancy. The office nurses — Patty Begley, Miriam Gerson, and Penny Franklin — were always helpful and compassionate, while the support staff, Pat Law and Deni Gancheva, were always kind and accommodating.

The maternity nurses were outstanding, each amazingly attentive and genuinely caring.  Missy Harding, Sandy Ciciora, Carla Furtaw, and Joyce Capobianco, the nurses who attended my labor and daughter’s birth, were phenomenal. They each exuded a calm, positive energy that provided me with much comfort during my labor and delivery. These nurses also provided amazing care to my newborn and me during the postpartum period, and were always accommodating to my family. I felt very comforted knowing we were being cared for by such a wonderful, attentive and knowledgeable group of nurses. The morale in this department is outstanding and it is evident the staff truly love what they do.

Much thanks also the nurse-midwives, Cathy Chase and Nancy Leport, both of whom provided my prenatal care. These hard-working and truly remarkable women are among the hospital’s best assets. Finally, a most sincere thank you to Cathy Chase, who attended my labor and delivery. My husband and I feel blessed and honored to have had Cathy deliver our children, Noah and Natalina. The community of Martha’s Vineyard is incredibly fortunate to have Cathy caring for its pregnant women.

The hard work, compassion, skill, and kindness displayed by all of these women are sincerely appreciated. These women deserve special recognition and a well-deserved pat on the back. Too often people focus on the negative and on what could or should be better; we wanted to take a moment to focus on the positive and offer a sincere “thank you” where it was due.

Dina BenDavid