Proposal at ‘Peter Pan’

After a recent performance of Island Theatre Workshop's Peter Pan, Nate Vieira (blue shirt, kneeling), proposed to Wendy (also known as Katie Feeks). — Photo by Katy Smith

Jim Osborn, a Times staffer and member of the cast of the recent “Peter Pan” production by Island Theatre Workshop, came in Friday morning and said, “I’ve got a story!” and proceeded to tell us about a post-production “Peter Pan” proposal that he’d witnessed the night before. Before we knew it, he’d gotten us the full story from the newly-engaged Katie Feeks, who wrote:

We had all taken our final bows and were about to back up and wave off the stage as we always do, when the director of the play (and close family friend) Kevin Ryan stepped up onto the stage and asked everyone to hold a minute. Kevin then picked me out of the crowd. None of us knew what was going on. That’s when Nate came up on stage with a red rose in hand. He came up to me, dropped down on one knee, opened the ring box, and asked, “will you marry me?”

I nodded yes, and said yes quietly, skipped right over the ring and straight for the hug and kiss, and tears of joy were running all over the place! The crowd cheered. Nate then asked me if  I would try the ring on. Perfect fit! Kevin wanted to make sure the crowd heard my reply, so I shouted out, “Yes!”

Friends and strangers alike came up to us for hugs, handshakes, and to offer their congratulations. The PAC [Performing Arts Center] holds so many wonderful memories for me, after years of performing there, and I cannot imagine a proposal more fitting for me!

Kevin’s role: Nate (full name: Nathan Vieira) had asked Kevin ahead of time if he could get up on stage. Kevin is like a second father to me and actually officiated my eldest sister’s wedding ceremony.

About the ring: Nate started planning the ring about a year ago, with one of his high school classmates and jeweler, Ivry [Rusillo], to create an original, handcrafted ring, featuring his grandmothers’ diamonds, along with some new ones. He also consulted with one of my best friends, Molly Peters, on my taste and ring size. I’ve never seen one like it and it’s beautiful!

Nate asked my father last week for permission to marry me, which he was happily granted. To make things even more special, last night was my father’s birthday. My father said he could not have asked for a better present than to gain Nate as a son and to see me so happy.

We have not set a date, but we both agree, sooner rather than later.

We are over the moon!

Thank you,

Katie (Kathryn Feeks)

PS: Something funny — one of the lost boys shouted out, “Now we have a mother AND a father! Peter’s off the hook!” (Pun definitely intended.)