Hey, Martha’s Vineyard


To the Editor:

Shelagh Hackett and Brian Weiland have done it again. As director and musical director, respectively, they produced O.Beatles II!, a reprise of their 2011 show at the Oak Bluffs School, which spawned the popular, talented Daytrippers.

O.Beatles II! was a tour d’force of Beatles music performed by expert musicians.   Students from all grades were choreographed so their singing perfectly meshed with the musical numbers. Solos, duets and whole cast numbers were performed enthusiastically.

It was a pleasure to be in the full house twice to appreciate the talent being fostered by Ms. Hackett and Mr. Weiland. It was a treat to feel the appreciation of parents at their children’s feat. And it was an honor to hear the songs of the Beatles performed in such a memorable production.

I’m already looking forward to O.Beatles #3!

Thomas Dresser

Oak Bluffs