Marvelous project, wonderful kids


To the Editor:

Friday and Saturday, Feb. 6 and 7, the Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School and the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse Theater Project staged four short plays, starring the fourth grade classes from the Charter School, at the newly rebuilt/refit/restored playhouse. This is a marvelous project by two local nonprofits, which gives about 30 10-year-old kids a chance to experience theater in every aspect. The kids participate in the production from helping with a script and making props to helping out in the refreshment stand, creating paintings of the themes of the plays for the lobby, welcoming patrons and taking tickets, and of course acting.

That weekend, under the guidance of MJ Munafo, Kate Hancock, and the Charter School teachers Karin, Cristina, Mandy, Ali, and Stacy, the kids performed four short but pithy plays on the themes of pollution, living local, food, and mutual understanding and tolerance — all worthy subjects — done with humor and insight with kid-friendly but thoughtful scripts.

The collaboration between the two organizations is longstanding (and to the benefit of both), but due to the restoration of the building, Friday was the first production in several years. The project gave the kids a showcase for their efforts, and it also gave many of us who had not yet seen the restored building a chance to admire the work.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this unusual and fruitful partnership. It works.

Virginia C. Jones

West Tisbury