A contest! Name the date the giant snow mound disappears

And win a prize of meat or fish.

When will this snow mound finally disappear? — Photo by Ralph Stewart

On Tuesday we got an email from Paul Watts, vice president at the Edgartown National Bank. “As I go from home to work and work to home each day,” he wrote, “I drive by a very large pile of snow near the Granite Hardware store, in the parking lot. Since the winter has dragged on for so long, I thought I would share an idea.” Mr. Watts suggested that The Times launch a contest wherein readers would guess at which hour on which day the giant (not as giant as it was a few weeks ago, but still sizeable) snow mountain at the Triangle would completely disappear.

So, consider this a contest: Send us an email (onisland@mvtimes.com), or post as a comment below this story, your best guess on the date (and, if you’re into precision, the hour) that the mound at the Triangle will be completely gone.

Whoever is closest will win a $50 gift certificate to the Edgartown Meat & Fish Market.