Embrace Cuttyhunk


To the Editor:

The article published March 12, “Cuttyhunkers endure and embrace winter isolation,” points out the challenges of island living. The issues faced on tiny Cuttyhunk are familiar to residents of Martha’s Vineyard, yet magnified because of its size. Everything is small: the population, particularly in the winter; the school student enrollment and staff; the resources available to run the town. Supplies, including food, are expensive due to extra transportation costs.

On the other hand, the benefits of island living are huge. The island environment is unique in the intensity of one’s relationship with nature. Likewise, the small-size community results in close bonds, and of course sometimes friction. Embrace rather than endure is the right way to describe how Cuttyhunkers feel about their island living, and they encourage visitors to come share this special place.

Selectman Stewart Young