West Tisbury says no to school spending requests

Voters approved a request to purchase the old VNA building for the Center for Living.

Michael Cummo

West Tisbury went to the polls Thursday to elect town officers and vote on four spending questions.

A total of 384 of the town’s 2,479 registered voters, or just over 15 percent, went to the polls Thursday. That was far more than showed up for the second night of annual town meeting. Absent a quorum, the meeting was rescheduled to 7 pm, Tuesday, April 28.

Voters turned down a request to fund a portion of the Up Island Regional School District budget by a vote of 147-206.

Voters said yes to a proposition 2.5 request to repair the school roof (206-145).

Voters narrowly approved a request to contribute to a county purchase of the former VNA building as a new home for the Center for Living (180-171).

And they said no to funds for a new school playground by a vote of 119 to 219.

Voters elected Dan Waters, moderator, (334); Jeffrey S. (Skipper) Manter, selectman (284 votes); Timothy A. Barnett, board of health (294); Michael Colaneri, board of assessors (261); Brent B. Taylor, tax collector (286); Tara J. Whiting, town clerk (322); Jeremiah Armstrong Brown, tree warden (299); Caroline R. Flanders (281), Margaret H. Gallagher, library trustees (268); Gregory W. Orcutt, finance committee, (285); Susan S. Silva, planning board (288); Leah J. Smith, planning board (279); Timothy A. Barnett, constable (286); Lisa Amols (277), Jeffrey S. Manter, parks and recreation (276).