Dutcher Dock history


To the Editor:

How many years and Letters to the Editor will it take to educate the wash-ashores that the dock pictured in the MV Times, April 9, on page A13 (Vineyard Gallery), is not “Dutcher’s Dock”? The dock pictured is, and always has been, the bulkhead. Dutcher (no -’s) Dock extends from the Menemsha gas station west to the end of the parking lot.

Rodney Dutcher, Vineyard son and New York/Washington newsman, observed the destruction at Menemsha during the 1938 hurricane. He immediately set up a fund to build the dock extension for visiting boaters. On August 22, 1941, Dutcher Dock was dedicated with much ceremony, with the governor, state and town officials, and Chilmarkers in attendance. Unfortunately, Mr. Dutcher did not live to see the dock completed. His wife saw it through to completion.

Harriette Poole Ottesen