It starts at the top


To the Editor:

Perhaps Leo DeSorcy should look in the mirror and ask just what he has been doing on the BPW for the past 15 years (April 30, “Commissioner resigns over plans to revamp Tisbury DPW”).

Mr. DeSorcy fails to acknowledge the total ineptness of the top management team at the Tisbury DPW. The “union people,” as Mr. DeSorcy refers to the Tisbury DPW workforce, are a dedicated group of workers who perform their duties with antiquated tools and equipment that a third world country would reject.

Only an uninformed individual lacking in character would make such a blanket statement regarding the performance of the DPW workforce without first evaluating the management and leadership credentials of those at the top.

A vote of 124-67 would indicate a total lack of confidence in the BPW. Apparently the taxpayers of Tisbury feel the BPW has done little to rectify the problems that exist at the Tisbury DPW.

To quote a famous phrase, Mr. DeSorcy, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

Philip J. Dwyer