They care


This is an open thank you to the Oak Bluffs Police Department for all the hard work that they do on a consistent basis to serve and protect the community. Despite currently attending college, I am still able to experience the caring nature of the police force from my off-Island abode. I unfortunately made the careless mistake of driving off from a gas station sans my wallet.

Thanks to the compassion of a good Samaritan, my wallet was returned to the State Police barracks, where State Police contacted my hometown, Oak Bluffs, and Officer Mendez in turn contacted me (despite my number on file being out of date) to let me know it had been found and could be picked up. Although he claimed it only to be “all in a day’s work,” saying he was “just doing my job,” I cannot help but publicly thank and praise him for going above and beyond to contact me and ease my worries. Thank you again, Officer Mendez, and the entire Oak Bluffs Police Department, for all the work you do for the community, recognized or not.

Jess Dupon

Oak Bluffs