Recreation rules at Oak Bluffs selectmen’s meeting

Sand dredged from Little Bridge is dropped into a sifter before being deposited on Town Beach in Oak Bluffs. — Michael Cummo

The new bowling alley, a new park, and newly reconstituted beaches were on the agenda at the Oak Bluffs selectmen’s meeting Tuesday night.

The board approved the entertainment license for the Barn Bowl and Bistro, after Building Inspector Mark Barbadoro told selectmen that developer Sam Dunn had met all sound-mitigation criteria as set forth in the Martha’s Vineyard Commission final decision. Mr. Dunn asked selectmen for an exception to the downtown building moratorium so crews could work until the end of June so exterior trim and painting work could be completed. Selectmen voted 5 to 0 to extend the exemption until their next meeting on June 23, at which point they would re-evaluate the situation.

Conservation agent Liz Durkee informed selectmen that there will be a grand opening for the new hiking trails at Sailing Camp Park on Sunday, June 28, from 10 am to 2 pm. The park is a former Girl Scout camp that was purchased by the town in 1983 as conservation property. The trails are ADA-compliant.  Ms. Durkee said the trails are now open to the public.

Selectmen were also informed that the Little Bridge dredge project is moving ahead on schedule, and that town beaches are being renourished with high-quality sand. Town Administrator Robert Whritenour praised contractors International Golf, a consortium of contractors including Island-based Watercourse Construction and the R.M. Packer Co., for “going above and beyond what we expected.”

Although it was not part of the bid, the contractors, in conjunction with the highway department, are sifting the dredge spoils to ensure the sand is the highest quality possible. Beach nourishment work is expected to continue until the end of the month.