Oak Bluffs: Fire station progress


Don’t ever tell anyone that you are going to make a quick trip into Reliable Market to pick up a few things. It is absolutely impossible, as I have found out over the past 50-plus years. On the way in you will be greeted by the cashiers, and Bob and others at the meat counter, and that is only the beginning. In every aisle you turn down and every time you pause to pick up some groceries, you will meet a familiar person, and perhaps you only saw them yesterday or maybe a few years ago, but it always means an extended and news-filled conversation. And don’t think that when you leave the store you will be on your way home shortly. For as soon as you step outside, you probably will run into a few more friends, and the conversations continue. Before you know it, the quick trip to Reliable has extended into more than an hour. But what a fun-filled hour it has been.

From June 26 to July 18, The Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse will be presenting the play A Walk in the Woods, by Lee Blessing. This Pulitzer-nominated play, based on real-life cold war negotiations in the 1980s, centers on a Soviet and an American who have left the table for an informal walk in the woods on the outskirts of Geneva.

Dr. John Rizzo has accepted the position of principal of the Oak Bluffs School. Dr. Rizzo comes from the Milton Bradley Elementary School in Springfield. His child-first philosophy made him the favorite for all the stakeholders who participated in the search process. Dr. Rizzo will officially assume the position on August 1, 2015. Until that time, the current principal, Richard Smith, will continue to oversee the Oak Bluffs School.

As we are approaching the end of this school year, here are a couple of important upcoming events. Kindergarten graduation will be held in the cafeteria on Thursday, June 25, from 2 to 2:30 pm. Monday, June 29, will be the last day of school, with a noon dismissal. Because of the snow days, we came pretty close to having school into July, which I believe would have been a first.

Big thank-you to the Oak Bluffs Highway and Parks Department. Last week I spoke with Chris Gibson regarding painting white lines at the four-way stop where Hudson and Alpine Avenues intersect. I thought that it might alert drivers to the fact that those red signs with STOP written on them mean stop. He said as soon as he had time he would do it, and just a few days later, the lines were in. Thanks guys.

The new Oak Bluffs Fire Department Station is moving right along. The workers seem not to care about the weather — they just plug along doing their work and making progress every day. They are right on schedule, so before you know it, the work will be completed, and it will change the look of the corner.

We send birthday smiles to Arthur BenDavid on the 25th, Ashley Rebello Andrews and Leanne Giordano on the 28th, Abbey Grace Marchand, Donna Leon, and James Maseda on June 30th, and Maddy Alley on July 1.

Enjoy your week. Peace.