A look at the Old Sculpin Gallery’s most recent group show

Painter Marston Clough poses in front of his work — Photo by Larisa Stinga

Vineyard Haven resident Marston Clough joins Eva Cincotta, Sheila M. Fane, and Edgartown residents Debra M. Gaines and Warren V. Gaines for a group exhibit at Edgartown’s Old Sculpin Gallery. All five are members of the Martha’s Vineyard Art Association, home of the Old Sculpin.

Mr. Clough has recently been working primarily in oils, after years of drawing, etching, and printmaking. His oil landscapes, “Clearing Over Cliffs” and “Emergence,” display imposing gray skies over salt marshes and marinescapes, sometimes highlighted with unexpected flashes of sunlight-inspired color. “I like colors and the horizon, and the way the light changes, and skies, and reflections, and the sea,” he says in his artist’s statement.

Ms. Cincotta, a Melrose resident, summers on the Island, teaching painting at the Featherstone Center for the Arts and the Old Sculpin Gallery. In addition to landscapes, she has on exhibit a charming collection of chickens in individual, oil-painted snapshots, which surround “Mud Snooze,” a portrait of a reclining pig, comically reminiscent from the backside of Manet’s famous “Olympia.” Ms. Cincotta calls her paintings colorful and spontaneous interpretations made possible by understanding the underlying structure.

“All the art works in this show are visions of Martha’s Vineyard,” says Ms. Fane, a Hartsdale, N.Y., resident who summers in West Tisbury. Landscapes have been the longtime focus of this artist, and she works in a variety of media. She has worked for many years as a printmaker, and has recently begun to make her own paper for use in her prints. “Working at Seastone Papers has enabled me to broaden my creative options and technical skills in both printing and papermaking,” she says. “The paper has now become a medium on its own for me to create ‘painted’ images and sculptures.” On display at Old Sculpin are a striking series of images constructed from Vineyard grasses on handmade paper, including “Young Bamboo,” “Yellow Sky & Earth,” “Earth & Sky,” “Vineyard Sunset,” and “Blue Sky.”

Exhibiting together are husband and wife Warren V. Gaines and Debra Gaines. Mr. Gaines, who works as Edgartown’s shellfish constable, has on view landscapes and Menemsha scenes in pastel. “My goal is to express and present the beauty of the ever-changing scenes surrounding us that many people have not seen, are not familiar with, or yearn to be near when they are removed from this peaceful environment,” he says.

Ms. Gaines, whose studio, Debra M. Gaines Fine Art, is located in Edgartown, is a photographer. Particularly imposing are two of her large-scale photographs, “Wave Roll,” and “Breaking Through,” which vividly capture the multiple colors of ocean and surf. Her work also includes several handpainted photographs, “Main Street 02539 Autumn,” “Main Street 02539 Spring” and “Main Street 02539 Winter.” New work this year includes a series called “Affirmations.” She says, “This is a sharing of insights, experiences, observations, awarenesses, and growth I have experienced over the past few years while feeling areas of my life come full circle.”

Marston Clough, Eva Cincotta, Sheila M. Fane, Warren V. Gaines and Debra M. Gaines, Old Sculpin Gallery, 58 Dock Street, Edgartown, through July 31.

Rosalie Ripaldi Shane, Ned Reade, Paul Beebe, and Janis Langley will show from August 1 through August 7. For information, see marthasvineyardartassociation.org.