Volunteers sought for Ag Fair Tiny House exhibit

A loft for guests — just big enough. — Photo by Michael Cummo

The recently formed Coalition for Tiny Affordable Housing will host a tiny house at this year’s Agricultural Fair.

The most recent issue of the MVTimes publication “The Local” featured a story by Valerie Sonnenthal about Kathy Rose and her pioneering efforts to find a place for her tiny house and pave the way for many tiny houses in the future (bit.ly/1Mis4qF). The story inspired Islanders to form the tiny house coalition, to explore the notion of making tiny houses (measuring under 400 square feet) a legally zoned affordable housing option, as outlined in this letter to the editor: mvtimes.com/2015/07/22/more-focus-on-tiny-houses/.

Ag Fair visitors will be able to look inside Kathy Rose’s tiny house, and there will be materials for people to take with them.

The coalition is seeking volunteers to help man the booth. According to a press release: “We desperately need volunteers. A shift of a couple of hours would really help, especially from people who would like to learn more about tiny houses and affordable housing.”

Volunteers can sign up at the Tiny House volunteer staffing calendar: vols.pt/enUmmZ or call 508-645-2105.