Stannard Farms

Photo by Bella Bennett

Updated June 8, 2017


Lisa Fisher is to date the only certified vegetable grower on the island. She has a mere quarter acre in actual cultivation, farms intensely, harvesting and planting behind what is harvested. Selling at the farmers market, Lisa tries to have on her white truck what people would have if they were growing in their own gardens. She sees it as sharing her garden with her customers. Lisa is one of the few people on the island to grow asparagus, which she started in the 70s, maintaining them with special care ever since.


23 Dolphine Merry Road, West Tisbury 02575

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Products include

Certified organic seasonal vegetables, fruit and eggs.

Sales Locations

West Tisbury Farmers Market, summer, Saturday only


Lisa Fisher and Tom Reynolds moved onto their 5-acre plot in the late 70s and graced it with fruit trees and her grandmother’s classic glass and stone greenhouse moved from Connecticut. Because certification was, in general, important to Lisa, she applied for organic certification for the greens and vegetables she grew in 1990 and began selling at the farmers market. Among her crops are eight varieties of beans and she is still looking for the perfect one; eight varieties of potatoes which she chooses for production, flavor and color, both fingerling and full-size – red gold being a favorite; and heirloom tomatoes. People pick from what she has to offer and understand that they are eating seasonally. She pays attention to soil health and uses good bugs for pest management, all part of growing organically and caring for the land.