Martha’s Vineyard Interactive Farm Map: Find farm-fresh food on your phone

Check out farms all over the Island — what they're growing and selling, and how to get there from wherever you are.

Illustration and print map by Max King. The Martha’s Vineyard Farm Map is produced by Farm.Field.Sea and Max King Design Associates, and is made possible by The Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural SocietyIsland Grown InitiativeMartha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce, and The Martha’s Vineyard Times. 

To download the printed map, click here.

e1 | Morning Glory Farm

120 Meshaket Road, off Edgartown- West Tisbury Road
Farm store: Seasonal fruits and vegetables, corn, tomatoes, herbs, beef, chicken, eggs, pies and other baked goods, salad bar, soups, jams, plants. Seasonal festivals and special events. Also sold at WT Farmer’s Market.
Morning Glory Farm Profile

e2 | Old Town Gardens

51 Road to the Plains to Lois Lane
Self-serve farm stand: vegetables, potatoes, flowers. Open Tuesday & Friday or by appointment. Event flowers.
Also sold at WT Farmer’s Market.

e3 | The FARM Institute

Katama Farm, 14 Aero Avenue
Farm stand: Seasonal vegetables, eggs; grass-fed beef and lamb; pastured turkey for Thanksgiving. Year-round children’s educational programs, summer farm camp, and other special events educating the community in sustainable agriculture.
Also sold at WT Farmer’s Market.
FARM Institute Profile

e4 | Slip Away Farm

199 Chappaquiddick Road
Self-serve farm stand: Seasonal greens, vegetables, herbs, plus CSA. Fri-Sat, 10-5, May – October. Special farm events. Also sold at WT and Chappaquiddick Farmer’s Markets.
Slip Away Farm Profile

Oak Bluffs
ob1 | Bayes Norton Farm

223 Vineyard Haven-Edgartown Road
Farm stand: Seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs and more.
Bayes Norton Farm Profile

ob2 | The Greenhouse (COMSOG)

114 New York Avenue
Self-serve greenhouse: Seasonal vegetables, heirloom tomatoes and flowers; spring seedling sale. Festivals, Wednesday volunteer day, gardening info.
COMSOG Farm Profile

Tisbury/Vineyard Haven
vh1 | Island Bee Company
17 Proprietors Way
Local honey, comb honey and honey bee-based products. By appointment or sold at WY Farmer’s Market.
Island Bee Company Profile
vh2 | Spring Moon Farm

Northern Pines Road off Lambert’s Cove Road
Sold at SBS Grain Store, 480 State Road, and by appointment: Eggs, seasonal lamb, pork; piglets; meat and live animals.
Spring Moon Farm Profile

vh3 | Pilot Hill Farm

Off Lambert’s Cove Road
Flower bouquets, eggs, tomatoes and other vegetables, grass-fed beef. Sold at Scottish Bakehouse and Cronig’s.
Pilot Hill Farm Profile

vh4 | Bakehouse Bounty

977 State Road
Farm stand: Seasonal vegetables, flowers, harvest dependent. Local eggs sold in cafe.
Bakehouse Farm Profile

vh5 | The Larder

327 State Road
Farmstore partnership of the GOOD Farm and the Scottish Bakehouse. Butchered poultry, pork, beef, lamb, charcuterie, cheese and ready to eat meals.

vh6 | The Good Farm

1056 State Road at Tisbury Meadow Preserve
Pork & pastured poultry sold by appointment. Also sold at WT Farmer’s Market and The Larder.

vh7 | Down Island Farm/MV Sea Salt

280 Takemmy Path
Sun-dried Vineyard sea salts Sold at WT Farmer’s Market and Island retailers.
Down Island Farm Profile

vh8 | Island Grown Farm Hub at Thimble Farm

80 Stoney Hill Road
Seasonal vegetables, greens and fish sold in CSA and to local restaurants and markets.
Island Grown Farm Hub at Thimble Farm Profile

West Tisbury
wt1 | Black Water Farm

40 Cottle Lane, behind Cottle’s Lumber
Self-serve farm stand: Fresh eggs, pasture-raised beef and pork, vegetables and flowers.
Also sold at WT Farmer’s Market.
Black Water Farm Profile

wt2 | Stannard Farms

Off Lambert’s Cove Road
Certified organic vegetables. Greens, herbs, garlic, eggs sold at the WT Farmer’s Market, Saturday only.
Stannard Farms Profile

wt3 | Christiantown Farm

185 Christiantown Road
Grass-fed lamb, eggs, seasonal vegetables and live animals sold by appointment.

wt4 | Ghost Island Farm

27 Davis Look Road at State Road
Farm store: Seasonal vegetables, greens, eggs, u-pick flowers. Nip & Tuck beef & pork. May – Dec, 10 – 6. Also sold at WT Farmer’s Market.
Ghost Island Farm Profile

wt5 | Beetlebung Farm Meat

22 Cournoyer Way
Farm store: Beef, lamb, pork & sheepskins sold at Beetlebung Tree Care. Also sold at WT Farmer’s Market and Beetlebung Farm.
Beetlebung Farm Meat Profile

wt6 | Whippoorwill Farm

10 Bourne Lane
Seasonal vegetables. CSA Member- ships, June to November.
Also sold at WT Farmer’s Market.
Whippoorwill Farm Profile

 wt7 | SixBurnerSue Farmette

534 State Road
Self-serve farm stand: seasonal and flowers.
SixBurnerSue Farmette Profile

wt8 | Hillside Farm

632 State Road
Farm stand: strawberries, peas and seasonal produce. Mid-June through August.
Hillside Farm Profile

wt9 | Island Farm Eggs

844 State Road
Self-serve farm stand; eggs year-round.

wt10 | Cleveland Farm & The Wandering Farm

674 Old County Rd.
On farm sales by appointment: Pastured organic poultry, eggs, heritage pork and seasonal produce. Also sold at WT Farmer’s Market.
Cleveland Farm Profile

 wt11 | Whiting Farm

985 State Road
Lamb sold by appointment.
Whiting Farm Profile

wt12 | Tiasquin Orchard

5 Carls Way
Farm stand: apples and pears, August thru mid-October.
Tiasquin Farms Profile

wt13 | Breezy Pines Farm

164 Tiahs Cove Road
Medicinal and culinary herbs, medicines, flowers, vegetables, fruit and berries. Sold at WT Farmer’s Market.
Breezy Pines Farm Profile

wt14 | Flat Point Farm

126 Road to Great Neck
Self-serve stand in summer; on-farm sales by appointment year-round: meat & poultry, seasonal vegetables, quail eggs, goat’s milk soap, wool products. Also sold at WT Farmer’s Market.
Flat Point Farm Profile

c1 | Native Earth Teaching Farm
94 North Road508-645-3304
Self-serve farm stand: Eggs, seasonal berries, herbs, plants and wool; occasional chicken, pork, duck, and turkey. Farm tours, special events.
Native Earth Teaching Farm Profile
c2 | North Tabor Farm
 4 North Tabor Road
Self-serve farm stand: Baby salad and kale mixes, shiitake mushrooms, seasonal vegetables, eggs, chicken, and cut flowers. Farm tours, events. Also sold at WT Farmer’s Market.
North Tabor Farm Profile
c3 | Mermaid Farm and Dairy

9 Middle Road
Self-serve farm stand: Meat, seasonal vegetables, raw milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs. Year-round, dawn-dusk. Also sold at WT Farmer’s Market.
Mermaid Farm Profile

c4 | MV Mycological

Pasture Road
Wild harvest Siitake mushrooms, fresh and dried. Sold Saturdays at WT Farmers Market and at Morning Glory Farm store.
MV Mycrological Farm Profile

c5 | The Grey Barn

22 South Road
Self-serve farm stand: Certified organic raw milk, cheeses, eggs, pork, beef, veal, and occasional vegetables and fruit. Farm Tours.
Also sold at WT Farmer’s Market.
Grey Barn and Farm Profile

c6 | Quanaimes Gardens

Blue Barque Road (at the Hancock Beach gate)
Self-serve farmstead: vegetables, herbs, flowers, cornmeal. CSA: weekly box subscriptions.

c7 | Allen Farm Sheep & Wool

421 South Road
Farm store: Lamb, eggs, compost tea; handmade woolen products. Farm tours, special events.
Allen Farm Profile

c8 | Murphy Blueberry Farm

8 Rumpus Ridge Road
Blueberries by the pint, call for availability; U-pick blueberries, by appointment.
Murphy Blueberry Farm Profile

Oyster Farmers
o1 | Bluemoon Oysters
Scott Castro
Katama Bay
Cocktail oysters sold at Menemsha Fish Market.
o2 | Sweet Neck Farm
Jack and Sue Blake
Katama Bay

Cocktail oysters sold at Edgartown Meat and Fish, and area restaurants.

o3 | Roysters

Roy Scheffer
Katama Bay
Sold at Menemsha Fish Market, Larsen’s, Menemsha Fish House and area restaurants.

o4 | Spearpoint Oysters

Jeremy Scheffer
Katama Bay
Sold at John’s Fish Market, The Net Result, Larsen’s, Edgartown Seafood, Menemsha Fish House and area restaurants.

o5 | Honeysuckle Oyster Farm

Nic Turner
Katama Bay;
Sold in area restaurants.

o6 | D & E Oyster Farm

Daniel Donnelly
Katama Bay
Sold at Menemsha Fish House and area restaurants.

o7 | Long Point Oyster Farm

Jason Bennett
Katama Bay
Sold at Menemsha Fish House and area restaurants.

o8 | Signature Oysters

Ryan Smith
Katama Bay

o9 | Cottage City Oysters

Dan and Greg Martino
Vineyard Sound
Newly formed and offering oysters in 2016.

o10 | Vineyard Wild Caught Shellfish

Billy Sweeney
Lagoon Pond, and other locations.

o11 | Menemsha Oyster

Emmett Carroll
Menemsha Pond
Oysters and scallops Sold at Menemsha Fish Market, Menemsha Fish House and area restaurants.

o12 | Creekville Oyster Company

Vinny Iacono
Menemsha Pond

o13 | Menemsha Mussels

Stanley Larsen
Menemsha Pond

o14 | Chilmark Oysters

Steve and Tim Broderick
Menemsha Pond

Seafood Markets
Edgartown Seafood Market
138 Cooke Street, Edgartown
508-627-3791Edgartown Meat & Fish240 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Rd Edgartown

The Net Result

79 Beach Road, Vineyard Haven

John’s Fish Market

5 Martin Road, Vineyard Haven

Menemsha Fish Market

54 Basin Road, Chilmark

Larsen’s Fish Market

56 Basin Road, Chilmark

Menemsha Fish House (wholesale)

56 Basin Road, Chilmark

Martha’s Vineyard Smokehouse

smoked fish
Also sold at Edgartown Meat and Fish and the WT Farmer’s Market.