Tiny house on the move


To the Editor:

The members of the newly-formed Island Coalition for Tiny Houses would like to thank everyone who visited our tiny house at the Fair. We are excited by the overwhelmingly positive response we have had over the past four days at our tiny house exhibit. This exhibit came together literally just days before the deadline: Stars aligned, people stepped up to help, things fell into place, and, next thing you know, we are watching a never-ending line of people waiting their turn to crowd into the tiny house.

We have many people to thank for making it happen: First and foremost Kathy Rose, who agreed to bring her home to the fair; the Ag Society and fair organizers, who welcomed us with open arms; the Island Housing Trust, who not only agreed to sponsor the exhibit, but also provided a number of enthusiastic volunteers to help us staff the booth; Shawn Webster of Full Circle Landscaping, who moved the house into place at the fair and safely transported it back.

Kudos also to Donoroma’s, whose stunning plant display made it look like the well-settled home of a highly skilled gardener; The MVTimes provided posters of their story on Kathy’s tiny house, which started all of this; and very special thanks to the many volunteers who signed up to help us at the fair: Thank you.

After seeing the response from both Islanders and visitors, young and old, homeowners and home-seekers, we think tiny houses are a very important option for environmentally sustainable, affordable, and truly beautiful housing. Our coalition will be working to make this happen on Martha’s Vineyard.

For more information, check the IHT website ihtmv.org/, and look for a Facebook page to be created soon.

Marina Lent

Vineyard Haven