Expect lane closures on Lagoon Pond drawbridge

Work on the new drawbridge is expected to slow traffic in the coming days.

Workers tested the new drawbridge on Beach Road Wednesday evening. — Photo by Michael Cummo

In a continuation of the Lagoon Pond drawbridge project, underground trenching work will begin Friday for installation of electrical service conduit.

Travelers can expect delays intermittently for the next five to six days, excluding the weekend.

“They will not ever close the whole road; they will close one part at a time, and when they finish the work at the end of the day, they’re going to put things back so that traffic can go in two lanes,” Melinda Loberg, Tisbury selectman and chairman of the Lagoon Pond drawbridge committee, said Tuesday.

She said bridge work typically begins at 7 am and ends by 4 pm. Police will be there to direct traffic during the day.

“I would say that if people are using that route to catch a boat, that they should leave extra time,” Ms. Loberg said. “It will be alternate-lane traffic movement, so that’s what people can anticipate.”