Ask a Local: Favorite Martha’s Vineyard season, junk food, and off-season activities

(and football-watching rituals...)

Brian McCarty — Photo by Siobhan Beasley

Jeanie Hay Sternbach

Resides: On a sailboat in Vineyard Haven Harbor

Works: Massage therapist, yoga teacher, jewelry maker

Favorite Martha’s Vineyard junk food: Fat Ronnie’s for burgers, with their awesome toppings bar and french fries

Summer food she will miss the most: Going to the fish markets in Menemsha, getting fresh steamed lobsters, and eating them on the wooden crates outside on the dock

Favorite fall activity: Go to Squibnocket, Lucy Vincent, and Philbin beaches — all the beaches that I would love to go to in the summer but can’t because I don’t live in those towns

Favorite season: Fall. Because of the whole energetic exhale of everyone on the Island, and because my birthday is in the beginning of October

Therese Giegler

Resides: Vineyard Haven

Works: LeRoux, and mother to “a crazy 4-year-old”

Favorite Martha’s Vineyard junk food: Summertime is probably Tisberry Frozen Yogurt, with lots of toppings on it; granola, chocolate chips, and fruit. Well, maybe fruit.

Summer food she’ll miss the most: Probably ice cream, because I went with my 4-year-old to get ice cream a lot over the summer. And pizza slices from Porto’s, because we’d go there for a quick lunch or dinner with this kiddo. Oh, and anything take out from the Bite in Menemsha.

Favorite fall activity: Walks in the woods, dancing in the leaves, pumpkins, making soup. Taking walks on the beaches that we can’t get to in the summertime, like Lucy Vincent and up-Island beaches, looking for arrowheads and seaglass.

Connor Giegler

Resides: Vineyard Haven

Works: Doesn’t (4 years old)

Favorite Martha’s Vineyard junk food: Cocoa Puffs, doughnuts from Humphrey’s, and Tisberry Frozen Yogurt

Summer food he’ll miss the most: Ice cream

Favorite thing to do for a Patriots’ game: Watch the Patriots with Dad at home and eat chips and onion dip

Brian McCarty 
See photo above)

Resides: Edgartown

Works: Sergeant at the Dukes County Sheriff’s Office

Favorite fall activity: Take all my fishing gear and start cleaning it up for a good month. I do a fall cleaning, swap out all my summer stuff for fall stuff, and get into all my winter fishing gear.

Favorite season: Summer, but specifically late summer. It’s when all the big fish come in, and it’s about the time all the tourists are leaving. So you actually have some nice weeks where it’s relaxed, and you can hit the beach if it’s warm enough and do the things you wanted to do all summer, but didn’t do because you were hiding from all the people visiting.

Bob Falkenburg

Lives: A Campground cottage in Oak Bluffs

Works: Information Booth in Oak Bluffs

Favorite food on Martha’s Vineyard: Lobster rolls! Ice cream. And I’m a big cookie eater. I love cookies of all sizes, types, and nature. I love just about any cookie I can get my hands on.

Summer foods he’ll miss as things shut down: We always go to Linda Jean’s, and we also go to Offshore Ale, which has great food, and the best pizza on the Island. So I’m not concerned about who closes.

Favorite season: September and October. Not only because it’s easy to get around, and you can find a place to park, but it’s just so lovely. It’s just so beautiful and calm. Everything looks good and feels good.

Anna Morin

Lives: Oak Bluffs

Works: Eco tour guide at Island Spirit Kayaks

Favorite season: Early summer. Everyone is just really excited and happy to be here. There’re so many fun things going on — it’s the beginning of the fun.

Favorite summer food: Murdick’s Fudge.

Favorite fall activity: I do the same things I do in the summer, like kayak and paddleboard.


John Gaskill

Lives: Grew up in West Tisbury, now lives in Oak Bluffs

Works: Stonemasonry and landscaping

Favorite summer food: Floater’s Rootbeer Floats (you can find them at the at the Agricultural Fair)

Will miss: The Coop, the Lookout

Favorite fall activity: I go to the beach more and enjoy the Island more. There are fewer people, but the whole month of September is still summer. There’s more breathing room. You see a lot of change, and everyone is relieved. You can start to enjoy your Island more.

Favorite season: Early fall. Work slows down just a little bit, and you get to enjoy the summer. But I also love the spring, especially after this winter, when the flowers start blooming and everything starts popping.