Oct. 15, Bradford P. White sold 10 Harbor Hill Rd. to Frederick N. Khedouri for $801,000.

Oct. 16, Barbara A. Crosby and Erik Bruun, trustees of the Barbara A. Crosby Chilmark Qualified Personal Residence Trust, sold 3 Nickerson
Farm Lane to Carl E. Tack, 3rd and Martha F. Tack for $3,250,000.


Oct. 15, Edivalda V. Santana and Florisval P. Santana sold 58 Chase Rd. to Clifford Meehan, trustee of the Vitoria Realty Trust, for $621,000.

Oct. 15, Wendy R. Harman sold 25 Codman Spring Rd. to Roman and Stephanie L. Kogan for $1,175,000.

Oct. 16, Diana M. Butynski, John Butynski, Christopher S. Look, 3rd and Joyce L. Look sold 60 West Tisbury Rd. to Michael H. Lynch for $807,000.

Oak Bluffs

Oct. 15, Patricia A. Wynn sold 17 Onondaga Ave. to William D. Schroeder, Jr. and Lynn J. Schroeder for $485,000.

Oct. 16, Nina Shapiro and Daniel E. Smith sold Unit 28, Island Country Club Condo, 2 Island Inn Rd., to Melinda M. and Robert B. Lock for $124,500.

Oct. 16, Tara M. Moore sold 69 Forest Ave. to Gary BenDavid for $160,000.

Oct. 16, Bonnie M. Parent, Claudia Ann Debettencourt and Anita Marie Ciancio sold 57 Kennebec Ave. to Tara Moore for $325,000.


Oct. 13, Elizabeth Porter Daane, trustee of EP Daane Living Trust, sold 22 West Sound Lane to Marcy G. Glenn, trustee of Marcy G. Glenn Revocable Trust, for $1,457,000.

Oct. 15, David Degregorio and Tammy Jardin sold 43 Mud Puddle Rd. to Casey Decker and Thomas C. Decker for $440,000.

Oct. 15, Richard B. and Elaine Renaud Pierce sold 51 Mariner Rd. to Geraldine A. Healey-Dame and Thomas M. Dame for $582,000.

Oct. 16, Harold G. and Eleanor A. Richardson sold 260 Lagoon Pond Rd. to Guillermo and Sharon Paganini for $836,500.

Oct. 16, James Bonomo, a/k/a James Bonamo, and Jennifer Bonomo, a/k/a Jennifer Bonamo, sold 40 Old Lighthouse Rd. to Stephen E. and Amy S. Benford for $380,000.

Oct. 16, Thomas W. Pachico sold Lot 4, High Point Lane to SBS Properties LLC for $325,000.