Hob Knob Inn is sold for $4.9 million to off-Island hoteliers

The Hob Knob Inn in spring. — File Photo by Greg Premru Photog

The Hob Knob Inn on Main Street in Edgartown is under new ownership as of last Friday. Owner Maggie White sold the property to Vic Partners, LLC, for $4.9 million and the business for an undisclosed amount.

Ms. White has owned the property for 20 years. She described the sale as bittersweet. She also owns Hob Knob Realty and Hob Knob Construction, which she said she will continue to manage. Those businesses, she said, are sort of “fun and less complicated seasonally.”

The new owners are in the hospitality business. “I think it’s everyone’s hope that they maintain it, and it continues to run in the same quality it always has,” Ms. White said.