Buff up your film skills with a course from the M.V. Film Society

The many faces of Bob Dutton. —Photos courtesy of Mr. Dutton

Want to take your film-viewing experience to the next level? For the next two months, the Martha’s Vineyard Film Society will offer a free film analysis series to members. The course, “We Are All George Bailey: Living Vicariously Through Film,” will begin on Tuesday, March 15, and include five interactive viewings with discussions.

The workshop will be led by the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center’s theater manager, Robert Dutton. Mr. Dutton is a former professional actor, English and drama teacher, and original owner of the Island Entertainment video store. He has a degree in directing for the theatre from Emerson College.

Currently, Mr. Dutton is working on a book called “The Illusion of Truth,” based on film analysis, a subject that he has been exploring for many years. “I tend to look at things from an intellectual point of view,” Mr. Dutton said. “As I started to take movies and TV shows apart, it became a fascinating subject for me.”

His approach is multilevel. “I’ll include psychology, acting lessons, and discussion of what a writer does,” Mr. Dutton said. “This is almost a springboard into other education. For a lot of people, this is just going to be an introduction. As you start people down this path, they’re curious, and they start watching films in a different way.”

Mr. Dutton says the movies discussed will cover a wide range, including “everything from ‘Psycho’ to ‘Harold and Maude,’ ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ to ‘Mary Poppins.’ I have very eclectic taste.”

Mr. Dutton promises to keep the pace quick, with lots of variation. “There will be some interactive things. Some of it is lecture, some discussion. There are a couple of games we’ll be playing. It’s going to be quite varied.”

The media will be varied as well. The discussion will include TV shows as well as movies — even one television commercial.

Classes start on March 15 and run through April 19. For more information, visit mvfilmsociety.com.