‘Gather’ around to experience food as art

—Jennifer Rubell

This summer, for the fourth year in a row, Farm. Field. Sea. is bringing food-related experiences to venues around the Vineyard. In July, guests enjoyed two locally sourced meals at the Martha’s Vineyard Shipyard, accompanied by talks with experts.

The series, called “Gather,” is described on the Farm. Field. Sea. website as “one-night-only events that host intimate conversations with people who are changing the way we think about food, paired with bespoke dinners celebrating the best of the Island’s bounty.”

The final “Gather” event, scheduled for Wednesday, August 10, is a talk and presentation by artist Jennifer Rubell, who creates participatory artwork using food and drink as her medium. The event, held at Featherstone Center for the Arts, will include two parts: a conversation with Ms. Rubell and Sally Taylor, and a four-course wine dinner, including a predinner ramble featuring live music and spoken-word performances by local artists.

Ms. Rubell will be a bit of a departure for the “Gather” series. The first two events focused on “Food and Oceans” and “Food and Waste,” featuring, respectively, New York Times best-selling author and oceans advocate Paul Greenberg, and former president of Trader Joe’s and founder of Daily Table Doug Rauch.

Nevette Previd, founder and producer of Farm. Field. Sea., is excited to host the globally recognized artist, whose edible installations have become legendary at the world-famous Art Basel art fair in Miami. “She’s brought a different perspective to food and art,” Ms. Previd said. “She went to culinary school and worked as a party planner, food columnist, and cookbook author. Her art evolved from that.”

Ms. Rubell is the daughter of famed art collectors Don and Mera Rubell, and the niece of Studio 54 founder Steve Rubell. The artist has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and art spaces throughout the world, and has been commissioned to create work for brands such as Kate Spade.

“I just thought that the arts are so prevalent on the Vineyard that it was appropriate to focus on the intersection between food and art,” Ms. Previd said. “Food has become an art. It’s now part of our cultural conversation.”

Although she’s not sure exactly what Ms. Rubell has planned for the “Gather” event, Ms. Previd promises that the event will be “a very fanciful and fun evening. We have a bunch of touch points that will allow people to really get what she’s about. The food will invite people in. There will be surprises along the way with the meal.”

Sally Taylor, who created and curates Consensus, a collaborative art experience, will act as moderator. “It will be really interesting to see this meeting of minds,” Ms. Previd said. “I think it will be a very dynamic conversation.”

The pastoral Featherstone campus will serve as the setting for this unique evening. The talk, ramble, and meal will all take place outdoors around the arts campus.

Farm. Field. Sea. offers a number of different food-related experiences. Still to come are two of the organization’s One-Day Adventures. On Wednesday, August 16, guests are invited to visit four local spots for tastings of farm fare and seafood, followed by a farm-fresh picnic lunch along the Martha’s Vineyard Eat Local Food and Farm Trail. On Saturday, Sept. 3, the Farm. Field. Sea. season will conclude with “Pioneering Pizza” at Slip Away Farm on Chappaquiddick.

For tickets and more information, visit farmfieldsea.com.