Oak Bluffs lifeguards come to the rescue of two men overboard

The Inkwell and Pay Beaches in Oak Bluffs. — Photo by Alison Shaw

On Wednesday morning at 8:28, Oak Bluffs emergency responders received a call that two fishermen had flipped their dinghy about 100 yards off Inkwell Beach jetty, and were in distress.

By the time Oak Bluffs police and fire department personnel arrived on the scene, two lifeguards, 16-year-olds Tiki Greene and Genny Kent, were already in action.

“When we arrived on the scene there were two men clinging to a capsized dinghy, and both of the lifeguards were on their way to assist them,” Oak Bluffs Fire Chief John Rose told The Times. “One of the men, who wasn’t the best at swimming and appeared to be in distress, was transferred to the lifeguard’s kayak, and the lifeguard brought him to shore. The other man was picked up by the police and fire department rescue boat, and brought into the harbor.”

Mr. Rose said that the boat capsized when the men were trying to land a fish and put too much weight on one side of the dinghy.

Neither man was wearing a life jacket.

The man brought to the beach was checked by EMS, but neither man required medical attention.

“The lifeguards handled themselves very professionally and did an excellent job,” Chief Rose said. “It was a great team effort by everyone.”