Oak Bluffs: Kite-flying day in Ocean Park last weekend


The primaries are over. Whether your choice of candidate won or did not, decisions have now been made. Congratulations to all the candidates, even those who lost, as you all provided much information, and perhaps stirred some of us to action on various subjects. And if you are not happy with the results, adopt the Red Sox mantra: “Wait until next year.” I think my incoming phone calls have decreased by at least 80 percent since the election was over.

The weather was perfect for kite-flying day in Ocean Park last weekend. The wind lifted many kites higher and higher, and they sailed over the park for everyone’s enjoyment. Now get ready for Tivoli Day next Saturday. There will be no car traffic on Circuit Avenue so everyone will be able to stroll to their heart’s content, talk with friends, peruse the merchandise, and listen to music without interruption.

Do you know someone who has fallen, or is afraid of falling? The Martha’s Vineyard Partnership for Health is offering “A Matter of Balance” volunteer coach training program on Sept. 19 and 21. The program has been proven to help people manage concerns about falls, and to increase their physical activity. The partnership is looking for new volunteer coaches from each town to help provide this program. The free training for volunteer coaches will be held on two half-days: Monday, Sept. 19, and Wednesday, Sept. 21, from 8 am to noon. Preregistration is required, and training materials and snacks will be provided. For more info, email ksamways@ihimv.org or call 508-627-5797, ext. 114.

A new exhibit at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum explores camp meetings across time. The exhibit, “This Far by Faith” explores contemporary camp meetings across the southern United States, and juxtaposes them with the historic camp meetings that once occurred in Oak Bluffs. The exhibit will be open in the museum galleries through Oct. 9.

Hospice executive director Tom Hallahan and clinical director Lori Perry will lead a discussion group on “Being Mortal” at the Oak Bluffs Public Library. The discussion group is based on Atul Gawande’s best-selling book, “What Matters in the End.” The library has 12 copies donated by the Library Friends of Oak Bluffs, and interested parties who are able to commit to the discussion can pick up a complimentary copy ahead of time at the library. The online Education Study Group meets again on Sept. 20 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm in the conference room. This is a study group for long-distance learners.

Parents and students head to the Oak Bluffs School for the annual fall PTO Cookout

on Friday, Sept. 16, from 5 to 7:30 pm. Great food and great camaraderie, so come and enjoy the evening.

Fall is creeping up on us, and the Oak Bluffs Senior Center has some scary plans for us. On Thursday, October 20, there are plans for a day trip to the Salem Witch Museum. The cost is $45 per person, which will cover your bus fare and entrance fee to the museum. You will need to bring along some spending money to cover the cost of your lunch and boat ticket. The trip will bring the opportunity to view the fall foliage, and there will be time to shop in the stores around the museum. Please call Rose at 508-693-4509, ext. 3, to register for the trip. Monday, Sept. 19, at 1, actor Richard Clark will entertain you with a performance depicting scenes from the life of John Barrymore at the Senior Center. There is no requirement to preregister for this event, and no charge.

We send birthday smiles to Florence BenDavid on the 15th, Rick Kelly on September 16, Patti Moreis, Natasha Huffam, and Vanie Pesoni on the 17th, Michael Combra on the 18th, and Ronnie Klein on the 19th. Smiles to Corey and Amber Medeiros on Sept. 20, Ruthie Metell on Sept. 21, and Alice June Thompson on the 22nd.

Enjoy your week. Peace.