Real Estate Transactions: October 17 – 21, 2016



Oct. 18, Robert N. Shapiro, Personal Representative of the Yvette Eastman (a/k/a Yvette Szekely Eastman) estate, sold a lot on East Pasture Rd. to John E. McDonald, Jr. and Melissa M. McDonald for $1,050,000.

Oct. 20, Candace A. Nichols sold a lot on Moshup Trail to James F. Reynolds, trustee of Upper Moshup Trail Nominee Trust, for $270,000.


Oct. 19, Marshall E. Carroll, Jr. and R. Samuel Carroll, trustees of the Carroll Nominee Trust sold 299 Middle Rd. to Marshall E. Carroll, Jr. and Kathie L. Carroll for $330,000.

Oct. 19, Jonathan S. Barnett, Personal Representative of the Arnold M. Geiger estate and the Ruth Geiger estate, sold 8A Clambelly Rd. to Adam Geiger and Colette Beaudry for $950,000.


Oct. 18, Corrine A. Costello and Linda L. Eckles, trustees of the 25 Sampson Avenue Realty Trust, sold 25 Sampson Ave. to Daniel Dardenne and Jeannette P. Dardenne for $440,000.

Oct. 19, Melodye Grant Bucci sold 9 Briggs Rd. to William E. Rice, Jr. and Maureen R. Rice for $3,550,000.

Oct. 19, Cow Bay Properties LLC and Joanne Schacht, f/k/a Joanne Singleton, sold 8 Blue Heron Way, 10 Blue Heron Way, and 130 Beach Rd. to Blue Heron Way LLC for $800,000.

Oct. 20, Landvalue LLC sold 29 Nineteenth St. North to JMP Property & Development LLC for $165,000.

Oct. 21, Francis M. Palcynski, 2nd and Letha W. Palczynski sold 18 Thaxter Lane to Sharon Sim-Maurer for $1,450,000.

Oak Bluffs

Oct. 17, Mary Love, trustee of Rayetta Perkins-Jones Revocable Trust, sold 103 New York Ave. to Euniqua Holding LLC for $545,000.

Oct. 17, Peter M. Martell, trustee of the Peter Martell Revocable Trust sold 21 Hudson St. to MV Dream LLC for $1,032,500.

Oct. 17, Donald E. and Margie S. Bell sold 62 Barnes Rd. to Phieu Thi Phan, Khuyen Kim Ho, and Phuong-Lan T. Ho for $490,000.

Oct. 20, Richard Wojtczak sold 79 Prospect St. to Walter F. Petzinger for $775,000.

Oct. 20, Albert H. and April L. Hamel sold 10 Wood Duck Way to Paula A. Harker for $1,275,000.

Oct. 21, West Acton American Service Center Inc. sold Unit 23, Beach Rd. to Allen Hinkson and Avis E. Hinkson for $71,000.


Oct. 17, Manuel Estrella, 3rd, Clifford Estrella, and John Estrella, individually and as trustees of the Estrella State Road Realty Trust, sold 37 State Rd. to Seven Hills Community Services Inc. for $1,100,000.

Oct. 19, James C. Hansen, 3rd and Maria M. Hansen sold Unit 20 and Unit B-13, 124 Skiff Ave., to Scott A. Gomes and Joann M. Pereira for $173,000.

Oct. 19, Jodie Margaret Apeseche and Frank Peter Apeseche, Jr. sold a lot on Howard St. to 58 Howard St. LLC for $512,500.

Oct. 20, Susan M. Pace, f/k/a Susan A. Martin, sold a lot on Bernard Circle to JEA Group LLC for $200,000.

Oct. 20, Helene Brown and Henry Kudish sold Unit 10, 264 Sandpiper Lane to Susan and Rodney Hass for $640,000.

Oct. 21, Janet McLean, Matthew J. McLean, and Amber B. McLean sold 42 Betty’s Lane to Matthew and Katherine Stedman, trustees of the Finch Mountain Realty Trust, for $1,006,750.

West Tisbury

Oct. 17, Ernest S. Henley, Sr. sold 234 Vineyard Meadow Farms Rd. to Patricia J. and Arthur W. Nichols for $607,500.